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How To Use


  • Urine, feces, vomit, blood and anything else that can come out of an animal (or human). Also works on red wine, coffee, tea, and soda stains.


MPP'd does not require scrubbing or rinsing in most cases.
Turn nozzle to the mist setting. Follow below instructions for your specific application.
Just spray and walk away. Allow My Pet Peed at least 24 hours to work at breaking down the bacteria and extracting it.
Reapply as needed until all layers have been extracted and the bacteria source is completely removed.

For Carpet.

  1. Remove and blot up any excess soil or moisture from area.
  2. Spray to saturate the area, but don't pour it on. More product at once won't speed up the results.
  3. Let the product work for at least 24 hours . It needs time to break down each layer of the stain/odor causing bacteria.
  4. Repeat as needed (like peeling the layers of an onion) until all layers have been extracted and removed. 

For Hardwood, Tile, Grout or Laminate Floors: 

Use approximately 5 sprays per 1 square foot. To avoid any liquid damage to flooring, only allow My Pet Peed to sit and work for 30-45 minutes max (you don't want to cause water damage). Wipe up
any residue and let the flooring completely dry between applications.

For Using in a Carpet Cleaning Machine: 

Do not dilute. Only use machine to put down My Pet Peed. Do not use the suction feature of the machine, but rather let the product work and evaporate. For stubborn odors, repeat applications as
needed, letting the product work for at least 24 hours each time.

"It Smells Worse"

My Pet Peed is virtually odorless, if your odors become stronger after applying, this is a good sign (and is only temporary).
You are smelling what the product extracted, just ventilate area. The product breaks down solid odor/stain causing bacteria into a gas. If the product was not working, you would not smell
Just keep applying applications until you no longer smell anything after using My Pet Peed (this means the source bacteria is gone).


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FAQ (6)

Have A Question About My Pet Peed?

Answers to our most frequently asked questions can be found right here. Please read through them before contacting us.

Yes. My Pet Peed works on amazingly well on old stains and odors.

We hear stories daily from customers who tell us how the product worked to take out a stain that had been there for years, and nothing else worked to remove it.

The only thing you need to be caveat to this is if a previous attempt to clean (with another solution, or product) may have set the stain in.

There is a lot of bad info floating around about using white vinegar to clean up pet accidents. If you do some research, people that create tie dye clothing use vinegar to SET the dyes.

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June 22, 2017

Can this be used with a carpet cleaner? If so, what are the directions?

Denise @ My Pet Peed
June 22, 2017

Hi Marsha, it can yes though we still suggest you spot treat first. In a machine don’t dilute the solution, and try not to suck it back up. The solution needs to sit wet, work and dry on its own.