We are a family owned and run business located outside of Houston, TX. It all began when we started having issues every pet owner dreads, pee odor caused by previous accidents in our home. After trying multiple products with no success, a family friend, who also happened to be an ex-carpet cleaner, shared a solution he came up with.

The Perfect Solution

  • Doesn’t rely on enzymes to work
  • Isn’t detergent based
  • Doesn’t use fragrances or perfumes
  • Is environmentally safe
  • Can be used around pets, kids, & plants
  • Doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or bleaches
  • It has to work PERMANENTLY on anything that comes out of a living thing

After taking the solution home and finding out it ACTUALLY works, My Pet Peed was born!

It all started with one satisfied pet owner who shared the solution with others and over time it blew up to be a community of pet owners who swear by My Pet Peed!

Our goal is not to become a huge corporation and sell our product in every store, but our goal is to help out fellow pet owners with the challenges we all face.

We Will Continue To Do What We Do Best, Sharing With Others:

  • The truth about why pet stain and odors aren’t your fault
  • Why most of the cleaning options available don’t work
  • Then personally inviting you to try a bottle

Try a bottle today! We guarantee your first order of (The Starter Pack, 1 QT, 2QT) within 60 days of your purchase.


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